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We personalize health on our connected health platform.


the RedMed promise


SigmaΣHealth® is founded on the idea of enabling and empowering individuals in managing their health. Our focus is both preventive and personalized health. It brings together all the essential aspects of preventive care:

  • Engage with a provider such as a neighborhood clinic
  • Have basic vitals tests done in the comfort and convenience of your home with results immediately available
  • Share health status with the doctor through your app and consult
  • Get prescriptions fulfilled by the pharmacy and delivered at home
  • Monitor one’s health in real time.

The suite of services are available wherever you are – at home or at work.  We call this “Extended Remote Care Services (xRCS)” – offered through a network of neighborhood clinic partners.

make it personal

the prevention clinic

Change is on the way. And at RedMed, we’re leading it.

Time was, when one’s health featured in our consciousness only when we became sick. Then we hopped over to a doctor. Well, not exactly hopped, but you get the idea. Times have changed – and rapidly. Now we can keep tabs on our health in real time and take immediate action. Just as with our cars – the several dials on the dashboard gives status information and we take action if warranted. The car service company does its bit by calling or messaging to remind about impending services. Why hasn’t healthcare adopted these from other industries that have existed for decades? Well, that’s exactly what we aim to do.

We’ve personalized your health so you can be proactive in staying healthy. We’ve kept it convenient so you need not fret about the logistics and how it would eat up your day. We’ve made it insanely simple so your engagement with doctors and others is seamless, efficient, and super-productive.

your basic vitals​

It starts with your basic vitals. We facilitate rapid screening tests delivered when and where you choose. Painlessly.

Our network clinic would be happy to have these screening tests done periodically – monthly or quarterly depending on the tests – by a qualified attendant. The test results are immediately available on your mobile phone on conclusion and serve as your health status timeline.

keep it close

Your mobile phone is today’s Swiss army knife. It brings to you your daily news, your mail, your chats, calls, remote work, library, entertainment, banking, stock trading, you name it. Why should your health be any different?

On our app, you now have the world of your and your family’s health in your hands. Stay grounded, stay safe, stay healthy.

the philosophy

tlc: track. learn. change.

RedMed’s philosophy is all about tracking vitals with the intent to learn about them and undertake behavioral change. Our purpose is to empower the healthcare consumer to be aware, take proactive action, and be healthy. It’s as simple as it gets – and all in your hands.


putting it together

so, how does this work?

convenience taken to a different plane

Our singular aim is to bring back the neighborhood clinic to the center of healthcare. Its rightful place in prevention. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, it remained the hub for most of our health issues but has given way to shiny new tertiary care in the scheme of things. Our goal is bring it back in a new garb. Less expensive, foster deeper relationships essential in healthcare, deliver superior experience.

Choose a clinic on your mobile app, mDx®. Use it to:

Call or message

Register with the clinic. Schedule an appointment with a doctor or therapist. Pay on your phone and get a receipt.

Meet your doctor

Use mDx® to have a video teleconsulting or meet in person at the clinic. Share your personal health data via a secure link. See the prescription on the mDx® app. Track the prescription for fulfilment by the clinic pharmacy and delivery status.

Engage more

Request rapid screening of basic vitals facilitated by RedMed's rapiDx®, our customized backpack kiosk, and other prescribed tests in the convenience of your home. Track your health on the mDx® app. See your risk meter for improvement. Seek additional clinic services as appropriate - for help with nutrition, physiotherapy, counseling, etc.

available. accessible. affordable.

the days of paying for expensive healthcare are over