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Test post 18-01-2021

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NeHA: India’s proposed digital health regulatory authority

I feel strangely vindicated and comforted that the Indian government is soon to launch its latest regulatory agency – the National e-Health Authority (NeHA) – that was reported in the media today (see: here).

In a series of blogs that I published here on LinkedIn – you may read them hereherehere, and here – I took readers on a rambling walk through fictional (more…)

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An idea for entrepreneurial Primary Health Centres in India


Primary Health Centres (PHCs) serve as the principal, and initial, the port of call for people seeking provider help in matters relating to primary care in India. terms it the cornerstone of rural healthcare. According to the National Health Mission constituted under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the federal government, each PHC is supposed (more…)

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