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We personalize health on our connected health platform.

RedMed’s SigmaΣHealth™ platform is founded on the idea of enabling and empowering individuals in managing their health. Our focus is both preventive and personalized health.

The RedMed Platform

RedMed’s SigmaΣHealth™ platform brings together all the essential aspects of preventive care: engaging with a provider such as a neighborhood clinic to seek a consultation with a doctor or other consultant, have basic tests done in the comfort and convenience of your home and results immediately available in digital form that can be shared with the doctor, get prescriptions written up by a doctor fulfilled by the pharmacy and delivered at the home, and be able to monitor one’s health in real time. The clinic can offer its suite of services remotely to wherever you are. We call this “Preventive Personalized Extended Care” – offered through a health partner on the RedMed platform. 

The RedMed Methodology

Measurement, Cognition, Action.

Measurement of body vitals is accomplished at the point-of-care screening diagnostic kiosk appliance and stored securely in the cloud; Cognition is fostered and encouraged by the various tools promoting awareness and appreciation on the mobile app; and Action through behavioral change methods that instill positive habits for positive health outcomes.

We call this “TLC” or, Track-Learn-Change

Track: Periodic Vitals Tests

We will help people to record and track their health status. The periodic vitals tests form the core of our tracking methodology,
supplemented by user-generated data describing their health history, diet and activity.

The rapiDx™ kiosk appliance comprises a customized mobile backpack that could be used anywhere, on-site, and on-demand. It includes all instrumentation and is driven by a kiosk app that authenticates the attending technician and registers/authenticates a customer, guides the workflow for completion of all tests that measure body vitals, issue a report, store the data in our cloud servers, and facilitate payment.

Learn: Vitals Trends & Risk Scoring

We will help people to learn about their own health and the vulnerabilities they face and what they mean. Learning is accomplished through predictive risk scoring for any chronic disease and supplemented by learning resources.

Learning is strengthened by our risk scoring and the Air Traffic Control style “WellScore | PHR”. Each of the quadrants represents a state of risk as revealed by the parameters comprising the quadrant. Users have a rich basis to absorb and appreciate the status of their health when they see the trends in their vitals, their nutrition characteristics, and activity logs in conjunction with the risk score computed for them.

Change: Behaviour Modification

We will help people inspire themselves to undertake fundamental changes in their lifestyles that bring about demonstrable results towards good health.

Change — Action in our methodology – is assisted by behavioural models that draw from behavioural psychology to enable
new habit formation. We believe these – including social learning, coaching, and mentoring either virtual or offline –
hold the possibility for newer and more healthy habits to form, replacing the old.