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Our goal is to empower individuals to live healthy lives.

RedMed’s tagline, “Extending Care by Design”, is an intuitive statement of where and how we propose to address issues in healthcare: by extending it beyond its traditional boundaries and by purposefully re-defining the engagement modality. At RedMed, we enable affordable preventive care for early detection of chronic disease and to help reduce risk and reverse progression towards a disease state.

RedMed’s philosophy is founded on “SAFE” – Simple, Affordable, Fast and Efficient that emphasize our interpretation of value delivery. We are razor-focused on value delivery to empower individuals to take control of their own health and to help detect chronic disease early so as to make the changes in lifestyle that is necessary to avoid or reduce the risk. This value delivery emphasizes the “5A-4P Principle”:

The 5As


Making preventive care available 24×7x365, anywhere, anytime. Keeping yourself and your family in good health should not be an inconvenience.


Making preventive care accessible by all and sundry wherever they may be and whatever their background.


It is the need of the hour. Affordable healthcare is a basic right, not an option. Healthcare has become simply too expensive and is not even delivering results – positive clinical outcomes and improvement in quality of life. Disability and morbidity do not contribute to either but these have become acceptable ‘new normals’ in contemporary delivery of “healthcare” that is founded upon expensive consultations, medications, and hospitalization. We believe this does not serve you – the customer.


We believe in the following and that our words should be assurable:

  • Empower individuals- provide the tools for individuals to know their current state of health and help them to do something about it
  • Create awareness- ensure individuals understand and appreciate the boundaries of good health and detect abnormalities early
  • Help change behavior- help alter or change lifestyles that increase the risk of contracting a chronic condition

RedMed is a transparent organization. Numbers tell their own story, but we are open to being audited on our claims. Don’t take our word for it, ask for evidence.

The "5A-4P" Principle

The 4Ps

preventive, personalized, participatory, predictive

“P4 Medicine” refers to a concept that is attributed to Prof. Leroy Hood who originated “scientific wellness”. Its two major objectives, according to the Institute for Systems Biology that Dr. Hood founded, are to quantify wellness and demystify the disease. RedMed fully embraces the concept of P4 in the context of affordable preventive care – one that is preventive, personalized, participatory, and predictive. This concept, together with the 5As described alongside, form the bedrock of RedMed’s guiding philosophy and means to achieve our stated purpose.

Chronic diseases are the blights of today rather like the plague in medieval Europe. These include cardiovascular disease (CVD), stroke, diabetes, etc. They are with us now, growing like an epidemic, and silently killing huge numbers. And they are life long, so even if they don’t kill us right away, we will live the effects, the restrictions and constraints imposed on us, and the reduced quality of life we are forced to endure. In the circumstances, early detection should be a no brainer. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, good health is 1% medication and 99% prevention.

We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery – for yourselves and your families so you will not let the Trojan Horse of chronic disease surreptitiously invade your life and tear it apart. We commit ourselves to providing you with the tools that will enable you to take charge, manage your health, and give yourselves the reward of living without fetters.