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We are all about health care, not “sick” care.

leveraging changes in healthcare

overturning presumptions

We believe what passes for healthcare is, in truth, all about sickness and, therefore, about “sick” care. We intend to overturn presumptions on their head: that people think about their health only when sick, that they attend only to their sickness, that the road to good health is by popping some magic pill. We believe there should be another way.

RedMed is a “connected health” venture. Our goal is to empower individuals to live healthy lives. We aim to do this by enabling affordable preventive care for early detection of chronic disease, specifically cardiovascular and diabetes.

the huge convergence
  1. Epidemic of chronic disease, especially cardiovascular and diabetes;
  2. Sedentary working population that is increasingly resulting in chronic conditions at a younger age;
  3. Absence of systematized preventive care in most healthcare systems around the world where early detection and forewarning becomes possible – no records are kept, so all data points are episodic and without context during physician encounters;
  4. Increasing high penetration of technology in the form of smartphones in people’s lives;
  5. Cheaper cloud storage and cloud computing;
  6. Arrival of sophisticated and inexpensive sensors, many of them increasingly in smartphones that make possible continuous real-time monitoring;
  7. Greater assimilation of consumer wearables as part of lifestyles in the middle-class population.